Last month, Pioneers Rekordbox unveiled a new and update that is creating a buzz within the DJ community. After updating the software, you’ll notice that Rekordbox 6 comes with some new interface updates but the features that will really catch your attention are its new subscription plans and Cloud Library Sync.

This update has taken many long time Pioneer users by surprise. Rekordbox is the first DJ software to let users connect to the cloud and is the first time in quite a while that Pioneer has taken a big stride with any software product they offer. It is also the first time DJ software users have faced some sort of tiered paywall they must climb in order to unlock helpful and otherwise necessary features in order to DJ.

It’s expected that many other DJ softwares like Serato and Traktor will follow suite and will require users to subscribe to a monthly subscription plan in order to unlock certain mixing features and device compatibility. Many are calling this update another turning point in DJ history, and not necessarily a good one.

As we wonder what these new paywalls will mean for the future of DJ software and DJing in general, let’s take a look at what each tier of Rekordbox’s subscription plan offers.

Subscription Plans

Free Tier

The Rekordbox Subscription plan currently hosts three tiers. A free tier, ‘Core’ tier, and ‘Creative’ tier. The free tier lets you manage and organize music files with the softwares built-in library feature and also lets you mix tracks BUT is compatible with a limited list of Pioneer DJ equipment. This list of compatible gear includes DDJ controllers, XDJ all-in-one systems, DJM-750MK2, and DJM-450. It’s important to notice that this list does not include CDJ controllers.

Core Tier

If you want to mix your tracks through Rekordbox with a CDJ, you’re going to have to shell out some cash each month and subscribe to the Core tier. With the Core tier, you’ll get access to a longer list of compatible DJ gear as well as the ability to mix with Rekordboxs DVS. DVS is a Rekordbox add-on that makes it possible to mix video time codes while DJing your tracks.

Right now, you can sign up for Core tier for $6.99/month. But after July 13th, 2020, the price for Core will hike up to $9.99/month.

Creative Tier

Rekordbox’s Creative paid tier is another step up and contains all that the Core tier offers plus access to other Rekordbox add-ons like Rekordbox Lyric, Rekordbox Video, RMX Effects, and Cloud Library Sync. You can currently sign up for Creative tier for $9.99/month but after July 13th the price will raise to $14.99/month.

You can learn more about the different plans and what they offer on the Rekordbox website here.

In recent years, there has been an increasing amount of DJ softwares integrating streaming services into their mixing interface. We saw this with Serato and SoundCloud in late 2018 as well as Spotify and third party DJ apps like Algoriddims, DJay Pro. These innovative integrations appeared to traveling DJs as a blessing when they no longer needed a hard drive or files to DJ, just an internet connection. Even then, when these partnerships became more common, we began to wonder what was next for the mp3 file as it started to look more obsolete.

With music streaming businesses like Apple Music and Spotify seemingly at their peaks, regular music consumers practically have no use for mp3 files. It is mainly artists and DJs that still find practical and creative use for them. You can still purchase mp3 files through Apple but if you’re a regular music consumer the ease of streaming may leave you asking, what’s the point?

As the market for mp3 files narrows, it’s only fair to assume that the way people purchase mp3 files will drastically alter. It is still unclear what the future holds for the mp3 file. But for now while you still have your files, Rekordbox introduced cloud integration allowing you to load up tracks without a hard drive or streaming service.

Cloud Library Sync

Cloud Library Sync is the next big update you may notice after updating Rekordbox and subscribing to the Creative plan. By pulling information from your Dropbox account and Pioneers own servers, you can load any one of your perviously downloaded tracks and its metadata (hot cues) without an external hard drive. This is great if you’re a DJ on the move because it allows you to access, rearrange, and update playlists from any one of your mobile devices as long as that device can host Rekordbox, Dropbox, and has an internet connection.

WATCH: Below is a video from Pioneer detailing the extensive features that come along with Cloud Library Sync.

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