At Electronic Music Collective, we take pride in providing each student with a great hands-on educational experience. Whether you’re learning to produce music using Ableton Live or Logic Pro, learning to DJ on CDJs and vinyl turntables with Serato and Traktor, or learning to record music in our studio, it is important to us that you are constantly making progress in your field of training and getting closer to accomplishing your goals as an artist.

Currently, you can enroll in numerous course options including a 5-day jump start course or an extended 6-week course. The 6-week course provides a more comprehensive learning experience and gives you more time to apply what you will learn in class to your own projects. Each class is two hours long and options are available to meet the needs of busy schedules with daytime, evening, and weekend classes available in each subject we teach.

At Electronic Music Collective, you will have your own own workstation featuring the latest music technology used by professional producers and DJs. Workstations are equipped with traditional turntables, club-standard CDJs and professional mixers as well as the latest DJ software.

You’ll meet expert instructors who have released music on several labels and continue to tour the world as professional artists. In addition, you will be surrounded by like-minded classmates in an environment that encourages growth and makes learning fun! Our instructors are here to answer your questions and serve as mentors to help you achieve a professional sound and reach new levels of creative exploration.

If you plan on furthering your music production journey, there are several options to choose from at Electronic Music Collective. You can learn to produce music with Ableton Live or Logic Pro where you will have your own workstation outfitted with a variety of the latest software as well as traditional analog hardware.

Whatever genre of music you are into, our courses are designed to help you establish your own workflow so you can record ideas quickly and turn those ideas into finished songs.

In addition to our production rooms and performance space, Electronic Music Collective features a fully-equipped recording studio with the best of analog as well as digital equipment to accommodate numerous approaches to learning. Work with software plugins that emulate classic analog gear and then get hands-on with the real thing.


If you have any questions or don’t see a time that works for you to enroll, please contact us. We are here to help and hope to welcome you to Electronic Music Collective soon!