Student/Artist Profile: Yajaira V. Fortunato

Photo: Vikram Pathak

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Yajaira V. Fortunato and I’m from New York.  My professional background is in television, entertainment, news, and politics with 17 years (and counting) in the business. I’ve worked with four major networks and a bunch of celebrities. I’m excellent at what I do and work alone side amazing people.

What about music interests you the most?

Music really just gives me life. House music clears my head and makes me feel great. The continuous format never lets me down no matter what the sounds are. It helps me manipulate my frequency and makes me feel free.

What’s your first memory of music?

One weekend as a kid, I was dialing in my boombox. We really only had two stations at the time, one hip-hop and one latin music. While searching for the stations, I found a new House music station, and ever since hearing that come music come out of my boombox, I’ve been a big fan of the House sound.

What inspires you to create music?

I always played around with creating music and sounds as a hobby. It’s just in me. I like being creative. I want to create something that is impactful. Everything inspires me. My newest track is actually inspired by my life journey and is meant to take people through the beginning of my life to the present.

You took our online Ableton Live course. How was your experience?

Words fail me when I want to describe how the teachers and staff at EMC were committed to me having my online classes be the best experience I could ever have. In 2018 I made a conscious decision to take my chances and allow myself to learn something new. One night in February of 2020 I found EMC online and it was love at first sight. I called the school the following day, asked a bunch of questions on what courses I could take to sharpen my skills and I enrolled into their Ableton Live courses right on the spot. The schools location near Wall Street was easy to get to and their landmark facility was beautiful. I got a tour of every room ,and every room looked amazing with fully equipped top of the line gear. Two weeks in into my Ableton Live course, boom! The Covid-19 pandemic effected all of our lives. Everything got shut down! Classes where canceled but thank God for EMC. They had a plan in place for all of us to immediately resume our classes online.

Do you think your time with EMC so far has made you a better artist/producer?

The support I got was far beyond what I ever expected and can’t thank EMC enough for believing in me when I thought at 45 years old, I would never sharpen my skills to match my dream or that I was too old learn anything new. But most importantly, I thank them for doing it as the hight of the pandemic. On October 31, 2020 I released a sample of a 90 minute DJ set that’s now streaming on SoundCloud. I will be releasing the set in 2021! More snippets soon to follow.

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