Student/Artist Profile: Rich Dasilva

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born in Brooklyn and grew up in a Brazilian household in Queens. My family always found reasons to have parties and music was always the driving force which kept things in high spirit. I got into bands through high school where we would play multiple shows around NYC, even ended up playing CBGBs before closing. I felt that working with a band at that time was such a drag cause you’re dealing with multiple people with different agendas in life. Instead of going against the grit, I decided to take music into my own hands. Somehow I was introduced to Ableton Live by these 2 mysterious producers I met in a studio. My life changed after that. I decided to move to Brazil, learning Ableton Live while being in the Baile Funk scene for a bit. I came back to NY and did an internship at Roc-nation. I’ve been on this weird journey and now I’m here …


When did you first know music was something you wanted to pursue?

I remember playing with my brothers Casio piano. I found myself getting lost with that thing. I remember my dad taking me and my brother to the music store to buy him a piano. I felt a bit left out and asked if I could get an instrument. He told me to pick one and I pointed at a Fender Strat Waynes World 2 replica guitar and the rest is history. I still have that guitar till today!

Who is the most influential figure in music to you?

Trent Reznor, Rick Rubin, and Wu Tang!!!! There’s a lot more.

When creating, where do you draw inspiration?

Depends on the circumstance. I like to visualize the idea before thinking sound first. Depending how vivid the idea gets the more I connect to the sound.

What are your musical goals?

I want to get a better understanding of my own process. I believe that I will always be a student in this lifestyle so ideally I want to always reach a next level in what I do, even if this becomes a full time career. Music is the fuel to my spirituality. Keeps me sane in a way. 

Other than music, do you have any other creative forms of expressing yourself?

I shoot tattoos when I’m not doing music and somehow I find pleasure in that. I create content and do social media and marketing for the sickest tattoo shop in NYC – Soho Ink. Creating connection became the medium for me… I’m fortunate to be around game changers and it inspires me musically as well — which is odd haha. Shout out to  Lou & Jackie Rubino , Jason Ackerman, Michela Bottin, Luiz Lopes, Tom Tap it, Logan Aguilar, Pon, and the rest of the Soho Ink Fam! I’m fortunate to have a job that lets me experiment. 

You’ve been enrolled in the 6 week Mixing For Producers course. How has your experience at EMC been so far?

It feels like a second home. Where I’m supposed to be in a way. Shout out to Bert who gave me the opportunity to dive into knowledge. Having Richie Beretta as my guru has been an incredible experience. I feel that EMC will definitely be my hub. 

Do you think your time at EMC has made you a better producer and artist? 

100%! I feel that EMC is a necessity for those who are really about that life!

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