Today, Propellerhead announced the launch of Reason 11 along with Reason Rack Plugins. The most exciting detail of this launch is that Reason Rack Extensions are now available as plugins. This is great news for Ableton Live, FL Studio, Cubase and other DAW users as you can now use your favorite rack extensions inside of your favorite DAW!

reason 11

Reason Rack will allow you to get behind Propellerhead’s virtual rack and create custom patch cables to reroute audio, trigger drum machines, modulate synths, and much more. Reason Rack is also compatible with plugins from other developers, allowing you to congregate your favorite synths and effects all into one place. In a blog post, product manager Mattias Häggström Gerdt stated, “This is both a complete game changer and a normal Reason upgrade.”

The introduction of rack plugins may appear to overshadow Reasons standalone capabilities however, Propellerhead is giving Reason 11’s sequencing program a subtle overhaul that is meant to make a striking difference. Adding features like curved automation, crossfading capabilities, and adding the ability to draw multiple notes in MIDI are all meant to create a faster, more cohesive workflow.

In addition, a Sweeper Modulation Effect and Quartet Chorus Ensemble have been added as effect. In Reason 11 they create all sorts of chorus, ensemble, phaser, flanger, and filtering effects. The Sweeper Modulation effects can liven up your sounds with an impressive number of modulation parameters while the Quartet Chorus Ensemble offers vintage and granular style effects.

EQ and Dynamic plugins are also being added to Reason 11 that seem to be somewhat modeled after vintage gear by the likes of SSL (Solid State Logic). The Master Bus Compressor is an extension that can be added to your rack. The Channel Dynamics extension is meant for compression, expansion, and gating. Finally, Channel EQ will be available to add anywhere in your virtual rack.

Click here to read more about Reason 11 and hear demos of new effects!

Reason 11 and Reason Rack Plugins will be available for download on September 25th, 2019. Customers who purchase or upgrade to Reason 10 (staring from August 1st, 2019) will receive a free upgrade to Reason 11 on September 25th.


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