Logic Pro X: 6 Weeks to Make Music

Logic Pro X is one of the most powerful music production softwares. Learn to master it in our 6 week course. This class meets weekly for a total of six, two-hour sessions.

Course Description

Logic Pro X is used for music production, film scoring, and many other pro audio applications. Logic Pro X is also great for recording ideas quickly and it comes packed with a variety of software instruments like vintage keyboard emulators, synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and effects.

Our Logic Pro X 6-week course will teach you to navigate the software, create musical arrangements, automate effects, record audio and MIDI. You will learn to use software instruments like Sampler and Ultrabeat while diving into mixing and mastering techniques too. 

If you are new to Logic Pro X, this course will help you nail down the fundamentals of music production in numerous genres. 

This class meets weekly for a total of six, two-hour sessions. Please bring your own headphones. All other equipment will be provided for you. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Interface navigation
  • Song structure & Arrangement
  • MIDI instruments
  • Software instruments & sound design (Ultrabeat, Alchemy, Retro Synth)
  • Using audio interfaces
  • Flex Mode, Time Stretching, Pitch Shifting, and Processing FX
  • Channel bussing, grouping, and sends
  • Learning Logic language & terms
  • Track automation
  • Using plugins (reverb, delay, EQ, and compression)
  • Recording audio & acoustics
  • Understanding microphones
  • Importing & exporting files
  • Digital mixing & mastering techniques

What I love about EMC is the quality of the instructors. They really give you a lot of detailed instructions while being patient and caring about our own pace of learning.

—Matt V.

Cue The Tracks

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