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Experience New York City’s unmatched music scene with a 6-week course or Bootcamp at Electronic Music Collective. These courses are designed to quickly immerse you in music technology and fast-track your journey as an artist. You’ll spend time establishing a strong foundation learning the fundamentals of music production, as well as learn how to mix using industry-standard DAWs, DJ with vinyl and professional DJ software, and perform live with laptops and MIDI controllers.

Ableton Live Courses NYC

Ableton Live: NYC Course

Ableton Live is one of the most-used music production and composition software by producers around the world. Our Ableton Live 6-week course will teach you to create, arrange, and export your original songs. You will learn to navigate Ableton Live’s interface, organize audio and MIDI clips, and automate tracks & FX. You’ll gain an understanding of signal flow, common synth parameters, and recording audio. You will also learn to create custom instrument presets and drum racks.


Logic Pro X: NYC Course

Logic Pro X is used for music production, film scoring, and many other pro audio applications. Logic Pro X is also great for recording ideas quickly as it comes packed with a variety of software instruments like keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and effects. If you are new to Logic Pro X, this course will help you nail down the fundamentals of music production in numerous genres. If you’re experienced with Logic Pro X, this course will help you accomplish your goals as an artist. Learn online in live classes with your instructor and a growing community of students!


Mixing for Producers: Go Beyond the Basics

Mixing is an important process in music production that will make or break a track’s potential. Our mixing course will help you learn the fundamentals of mixing necessary for making your record sound more compelling.


DJ: Become Club Ready

Learn to DJ in a variety of styles and genres. Learn hands-on with traditional and modern DJ tools where you can use your favorite music streaming service, a DJ controller and more.

Ableton Live Courses NYC

Ableton Live Bootcamp

In two separate two-hour sessions, experience what it’s like to produce your own music, find your sound, and be your most creative self.


Logic Pro X Bootcamp

In two separate two-hour sessions, you’ll learn to navigate the Logic Pro interface, edit and arrange audio, record audio and MIDI, and learn to implement basic audio effects to simplify workflow.

EMC DJ Station

Pioneer CDJ Advanced Bootcamp

This bootcamp is for advanced DJs looking to go deeper and learn about the vast performance and networking capabilities of the CDJ2000NXS2 multi-player and DJM-900NXS2 mixer.


Turntablism Mentorship Program

This mentorship is for intermediate DJs looking to learn artist-to-artist and go beyond their current skills.


Cue The Tracks

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