Music Production & DJ Courses Overviews


Experience New York City’s unmatched music scene with a 5-day intensive at the Electronic Music Collective. These small group workshops are designed to quickly immerse you in music technology and expedite your training as a electronic musician. You’ll spend the week establishing a strong foundation in the fundamentals of music production, as well as learning how to mix using industry-standard DAWs, DJing with vinyl, multiplayers and professional DJ software, and performing live with laptops and midi controllers.


We designed the 2-Year EMC Producer/Performer Program to educate the most well-rounded, musically and technically competent real-world musician we could imagine—someone who is just as eager to deepen their knowledge of music fundamentals and instrumental performance, as they are to expand their knowledge of modern day recording, mixing, music production, sound design, and DJing.

Whether you are a DJ/producer, a mix engineer or a classically trained singer, EMC’s 2-Year Full Program is built around coursework that will help you hone your individual craft and present you with the leading-edge technology and training you need to become a multi-skilled, 360-degree musician who is equally at home in the studio, on stage and in the DJ Booth.