Logic Pro X Releases 10.5 Update

Last week, Apple released a massive update to it’s music production software, Logic Pro X. The update includes 2,500 new royalty-free loops, live looping capability, revamped sampler and drum machine, a step sequencer, the original multi-track project file of Billie Eilish’s song “Ocean Eyes, and so much more. The list of updates truly does go on and on. Here is a look at some of of the updates that may have a huge impact on workflow changes when you’re feeling inspired to get creative in Logic Pro.

Live Looping In The New Logic Pro

One of the biggest and most talked about features in Logic’s new update is its live looping features. You can now record, sample, and re-record your musical ideas in real time, keeping your workflow streamlined and making it so you no longer have to interrupt yourself when you want to record a new musical part or idea. Logic is putting creativity first by also making it easy for you to rearrange your individual loops by dragging and dropping anywhere on your grid.

What many are calling similar to Ableton Live’s Arrangement and Session Views, Logic Pro has introduced its own arrangement view, which functions as a traditional DAW workspace, and a live loop workstation view. The live loop workstation is where you access all of Logics new live looping features. You can flip back and forth from arrangement view to the loop workstation with a simple button and you can even have both views open at the same time. The big difference between these two views is that the looping workstation allows you to work on loops in a more modular sense while the arrangement view lets you work on your project in a linear way.

You can create loads of sections for your project in the loop workstation and then directly input your ideas into arrangement view. This video from Nathan Larsen Music breaks down just how to access the loop workstation, create, and transfer ideas to and from arrangement view.

A New Step Sequencer

The 10.5 update has also introduced a new step sequencer that is great for creating drum patterns using sounds from any of the new kits that come with the update. Rather than using MIDI and piano scrolls to write out drum patterns, Logic has incorporated a grid sequencer that allows you to activate and deactivate drum hits quickly in one cohesive environment. You can export newly created patterns into arrangement view and edit your groove at any time. You can also edit the length of your sequence, direction of your sequence, hit velocity, and a lot more in this refined sequencer.

WATCH: This video from imamusicmogul demonstrates the capabilities of Logic’s new step sequencer and dives into how to use it to its fullest potential.

Sampling In 10.5

After downloading the 10.5 update, you may notice that one stock plugin that you used to use is now missing. Say goodbye to the ESX24 sampler!

Apple has replaced the already powerful ESX24 sampler with a redesigned and modernized version simply named “Sampler”. For long time Logic users, all the kits you’ve created over your years of producing with the ESX24 are compatible with this updated version and should provide a practically seamless transition from one sample editing interface to another. Sampler integrates the synthesis power of Alchemy which is a popular and relatively new Logic plugin making Sampler even more powerful than the ESX24.

When you open Sampler, you’ll notice that the plugin is set up in a way that allows you to add and change the order of effects on your samples, giving you thousands of variations of effects chains to create.

In addition to Sampler, 10.5 introduces “Quick Sampler”, an even faster way to chop up your audio files. With a few clicks, you can import any audio file into Quick Sampler which automatically slices up your sounds and engages a straight forward interface in which you can continue manipulating your sounds. Quick Sampler is great if you want to quickly get musical ideas out and do a short round of editing. To populate Quick Sampler with audio files, you can record directly into the new plugin or drag and drop any audio file onto the plugin interface.

WATCH: Below is another video from imamusicmogul that focuses on the things you can do in Logics new Sampler.

Billie Eilish – “Ocean Eyes” Project File

As a bit of a known Easter Egg, the 10.5 update also has a built in project template for the Billie Eilish track, “Ocean Eyes”. You can access the project file by creating a new file from a template and clicking on Ocean Eyes in the demo projects tab. This is a really interesting addition to Logic because it is one Logic users have never seen before. You can now dissect, learn from, take notes, and even remix the pop-stars original project file.

There are over a hundred new and little improvements to Logic Pro X that rolled out with this update. You can check out the seemingly endless list of release notes here. Logic Pro has helped itself stand out from other DAWs with 10.5 and continues to be one of the most powerful and versatile music production tools on the market. We look forward to seeing the new sounds and production techniques that you producers out there will inevitably create in this massively expanded software!


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