Level Up Your Live Stream – The EMC Tech Team Shows You How To Make The Most of Your Live Streams

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that the live performance industry is moving towards a more digital era. Artists of all sizes are beginning to take to live streams as a means of reaching their audiences. Live streaming events certainly is not a new way to enjoy live performances but their popularity has skyrocketed in recent times because of social distancing and public health concerns. For the smaller at-home artist, streaming might be a totally new venture. You may think you don’t have the equipment to start a live stream or that you’ll have to shell out boat loads of money to get a decent set-up. That is not the case.

The EMC Tech Team has taken the initiative to bring you a video series dedicated to sharing affordable live streaming options. From software to hardware, Dave and Austin from the EMC Tech team will continue to discuss cameras, webcams, audio interfaces, mixing boards, lighting etc. for every level of streamer. Get the most out of your streams with the EMC Tech Team.

Check out the first three installments of the series below!

Ep. 1 – Cameras and Multi-Angle Set-ups

In this episode, Dave and Austin from the EMC Tech Team go over some of their favorite cameras for streaming as well as affordable webcams.


Ep. 2 – Affordable Audio Set-Ups For Streaming

In this episode Dave and Austin breakdown some affordable audio options for you.


Ep. 3 – Lighting

In this installment, Dave from the EMC Tech Team discusses some of the best and most affordable lighting set ups.


Ep. 4 – Internet Speeds & Bandwidth Requirements

In this installment, Dave from the EMC Tech Team discusses internet and bandwidth requirements to get your live streams running smooth.


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