How To Incorporate Serato Video Into Your DJ Sets and Live Streams

While venues are still gearing up to reopen later this year, there are still many ways for you to perform for your audience in the meantime. Live streaming has been especially popular with DJs this past year as online streaming gives DJs the opportunity to do what they love which is being creative in the moment and performing for a crowd while keeping the party at home. If you’re a live streaming DJ, a top priority for you is that your set is sonically engaging with great music and high quality sound. However, you should also keep in mind that making your live stream visually engaging is important as well. A great looking performance can help bring in new potential fans and keep a larger audience entertained.

If you’re a DJ looking to add some eye-catching visuals to your next live streaming set, Serato Video is an add-on in Serato DJ that can help you do just that.

Once you’ve purchased and downloaded Serato Video, you can access the interface by simply clicking the video reel button located in at the top left of your Serato DJ window. A dropdown window will appear under your digital platters that you’ll use to import videos and manipulate them. The Serato Video window contains three views, an A-channel output, a B-channel output, and a main output view. These outputs will show you what both channels are playing simultaneously as well as show you what your audience will be seeing.  

To import a video, locate your desired video in your library and drag it into the channel you wish. Once imported, your video will automatically be synched to any song that you’ve previously imported into the corresponding audio channel. You can experiment with this by performing some simple scratches. As you scratch your song, the synched video will speed up, reverse, or slow down depending on the direction of your scratch. If you’ve imported audio and video to both A and B channels, you can use your crossfader to switch between songs as well as your video. You can set a custom transition effect that will activate as you slide the crossfader from one side to another. This will make it so that your audience will see a more interesting transition of videos rather than a hard cut.

Prior to your set you can add effects to your videos to make them more unique or you can edit them on the fly with Serato Videos built-in effects. Both channels have several effects options to process your clips and allow up to two lays of effects. Both layers have a corresponding intensity knob that lets you determine how much of the effect you want on your clip. Some of these effects include an audio reactive kaleidoscope effect, different filters, and color EQ effects.

This video below from DJ Shep quickly demonstrates the power of Serato Video and how to access its different video effects:

OBS is one of the most popular softwares that streamers use to broadcast their performances and use visual effects. You can learn more about using OBS and how to stream your live performances in our previous article, A How To Guide – Live Streaming Your Music Performances. Serato Video works great in OBS and is simple to set up. First, you’ll need to have both OBS and Serato Video open. Next, create a new scene in OBS by clicking the ‘+’ icon under sources and choose the option ‘Syphon Client’. You’ll then have the option to name your scene and click ‘OK’. A new window will pop up and you’ll need to change video input source by clicking the source drop down menu. Select the ‘Serato Video Output Post Mix’ option to get Serato Video playing in OBS.

Below is a video from DJ Avionyx who shows you how to create a scene in OBS and make Serato Video’s output your main source:

Once set up, you can get as creative as you want with your visuals. OBS and Serato Video are both powerful tools that can create professional looking live streams. You can also incorporate green screens or other visual editors to further boost your visual productions. So if you’re a DJ looking to add some visual elements to your next set, Serato Video is definitely worth checking out. We look forward to tuning into your next live stream!


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