DJ & Production Instructor

Beats addict, DJ, Producer and Keyboardist, Nick Neutronz lives through his ears. Nick’s music, called Terraform, uses harmonic textures and virtual spaces inspired by outer space and astral projection, and fuses them with the drums and bass of street and club music. Nick has made music with Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne, and other world-renowned artists. The name Nick Neutronz was given when Nick was interning in Times Square, where songs made by 50 Cent, Fabolous, and Timbaland were being mixed by Duro at the same studio where J Cole got his shot. Since then, Neutronz’ credits include Eminem’s “Cinderella Man,” Beatport topping hard trap by Wuzu, ambient made for UK’s The Orb, and tracks written for Broadway Choreographer Sergio Trujillo.

Nick began his adventures in audio as a small child, making “pause tapes” of radio favorites to create seemless mixes. Early interest in 16 bit electronic worlds, science fiction, and exposure to early rave music shaped his approach to audio world building. Gifted turntables at 15 years old by LX Paterson of The Orb, Nick collected vinyl and played music at house parties and No-ID club nights all over the tristate area, before college gave Nick his first taste of radio and proper club rocking. Since then, Nick Neutronz terraform sound has sent him to Algeria, Tokyo along with numerous destinations in Europe and the United States. Terraform productions have landed on Japan’s Billboard Hot 100, soundscaped fashion installations, museums and video games.