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Mixing for Producers: Go Beyond the Basics

Mixing for Producers: Go Beyond the Basics

course description:

Mixing is an important process in music production that will make or break a track’s potential. Our 6-week mixing course will help you learn the fundamentals of mixing necessary for making your record sound more compelling. Give yourself a competitive edge by learning to balance volumes, use EQ, compression, saturation, and other sound-shaping devices while building your own sound as a mixer.

You’ll gain an understanding of the difference between “In The Box” and analog mixing and learn techniques for both.

• Gain structure, Phase, Metering, Equipment and Plugin Calibration • Equalization
• Practical implementation • Solving Problems In A Mix
• Compression & Parallel Compression • Dynamics
• Saturation and Harmonics • In the Box VS. Analog Mixing

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