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Logic Pro X: 6 Weeks to Make Music

Logic Pro X: 6 Weeks to Make MusiC

course description:

Logic Pro X is used around the world for music production, film scoring, and many other pro audio applications. Logic Pro X enables you to record ideas quickly and comes packed with a variety of software instruments including keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, samplers and effects.

Our Logic Pro X 6-week course will help you learn to navigate the software, create musical arrangements, automate tracks, and record audio and MIDI. You will learn to use software instruments like EXS24 Sampler and Ultrabeat while also diving into mixing and mastering techniques. 

If you are new to Logic Pro X, this course will help you learn the fundamentals for music production in numerous genres and if you’ve been using Logic Pro X already, this course will help you accomplish your goals as an artist. Bring your music to life in 6 weeks!


• Interface Navigation • Learning Logic Language & Terms
• Song Structure & Arrangement • Track Automation
• MIDI Instruments •Using Plugins (Reverb, Delay, EQ, and Compression)
• Software Instruments and Sound Design (Ultrabeat, Alchemy, Retro Synth) • Recording Audio & Acoustics
• Using Audio Interfaces • Understanding Microphones
• Flex Mode, Time Stretching, Pitch Shifting, and Processing FX • Importing & Exporting Files
• Channel Bussing, Grouping, and Sends • Digital Mixing & Mastering Techniques

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