DJ: Become Club-Ready in 6 Weeks

Course Description:

Using industry-standard equipment found in clubs around the world like Pioneer PLX-1000 turntables, Pioneer DJM 900 mixers, Rane 72 mixers, and Pioneer CDJ 2000 NXS2s, you’ll learn the techniques needed to curate your music library and tell your story through the art of DJing.

Learn to DJ in a variety of styles and genres. Learn hands-on with traditional and modern DJ tools where you can use your favorite music streaming service, a DJ controller and more. Tell your story through music and take DJing to the next level at Electronic Music Collective!

You will learn:

• Equipment Set Up & Breakdown • Vinyl DJing
• History of DJing • Beat Matching
• Serato DJ Pro & Rekordbox • Building Sets & Recording
• Cue Points, Looping & Beat Jumping • Importing Music With USBs and CDs
• Ear Training • Library Management
• Music Prep • Phrase Mixing
• Mock Nightclub Performance • EQ Mixing

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