A How To Guide – Live Streaming Your Music Performances

Live streaming has become the new normal in recent weeks. With the world on lock down and venues closed, streaming is the only way musicians and artists can continue performing for their fans. Live streaming, even before we all started staying home, has been a great way to get exposure and connect with people you may normally not do so in the physical world.

There are plenty of platforms you can stream your performances on. Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, and Zoom are some popular destinations, just to name a few. Though these platforms have built-in streaming capabilities, downloading third party softwares can help you produce a higher quality stream and can help you stand out from the rest of the streamers. From arena packing artists to bedroom performers, it’s important to broadcast a high quality live stream to keep your audience engaged.

Setting up to stream your live performance may seem daunting but we’ve narrowed it down to two essential softwares that can fulfill all of your streaming needs! Here are the two free softwares you can download now to get you looking and sounding your best as you stream.

So You Want To Stream to Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch…download OBS.

OBS (Online Broadcaster Software) is a free broadcasting software that turns your device into a multi-channel audio and video mixer. OBS allows users to input high quality audio from external audio interfaces as well as input HD video from an external multi-camera set up. A great feature in OBS is its picture in picture capability, allowing streamers to broadcast multiple video feeds at once. This feature comes in handy if you have two or more performers in your stream, are using multiple instruments, or just want other camera angles to keep things interesting.

With OBS, you can also incorporate green screen technology to create exciting backgrounds to create your ‘Coachella at home’.

WATCH: Below is a video from YouTuber Awall that highlights some helpful features and key settings to get set up quickly in OBS.


Want to Stream to Instagram? Download Yellow Duck.

Yellow Duck is another free software download that is compatible with Windows and Mac and is an essential tool if you want to deliver a high quality video and audio stream to your followers. Yellow Duck makes it possible for you to output audio and video encoding software like OBS (mentioned above) and input that signal into your Instagram stream. Without Yellow Duck, your Instagram streams will only output audio and video from your phones built-in mic and camera which at times can be subpar.

By incorporating software like OBS into your Instagram stream with Yellow Duck, you can get all the benefits of green screen backgrounds, multiple cameras, HD video, and high quality audio.

WATCH: Below is a video from GreenBox who delivers a step by step guide to synch Yellow Duck with OBS.


Live Streaming Accessories

Streamed performances look like they are going to be the norm for the foreseeable future so it may be wise to invest in a multi-camera set up, a tripod, and some decent microphones if you don’t already own a few.

If you do have a multi-camera set up and are interested in bringing your stream up another next level, it’s worth checking out Rolands V-02HD Multi-Format Video Mixer.

The V-02HD Multi-Format Video Mixer from Roland is a compact and portable video mixer that is a great piece of gear for any DIY live streaming session. The V-02HD not only allows users to seamlessly switch from one video feed to another but, it is also an audio interface, high quality scaler, and input expander. The V-02HD also has an attachable foot-switch that lets you switch video feeds without taking your hand off your instrument and without interrupting the flow of your stream. This small yet powerful device can turn your DIY streaming set up into to professional one by just plugging it in.

WATCH: Check out this video from Roland that covers all the features the V-02HD Multi-Format Video Mixer has to offer.

Want to go all out? Meet the Roland VR-4HD Mixer.

The VR-4HD is a 4-channel video and audio mixer that has 6 inputs. With many different types of input options, this piece of gear can hook up to practically anything you already own. A built-in display screen can help you direct and mix your videos with ease and it’s simple interface design makes learning to use quick and easy.

WATCH: Check out this video from The Streaming Store that highlights all of the features in this extremely versatile piece of gear.

It doesn’t take much to get a high quality stream out there to your audience. Just a few free software downloads and a reasonable purchase or two. Getting creative, standing out, and keeping your audience engaged is the tricky part to all this. But hopefully, with some extra free time you may have staying indoors you can think of some great ideas to make your stream exciting. Remember, streaming is a great opportunity to be authentic. It’s important to be genuine and explore new boundaries especially if live streaming is something new to you. The possibles are practically endless with this technology so, happy streaming! We look forward to watching your live performances.


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